Kit Harrington Reportedly Set To Become A Marvel Character

by Erik Amaya

It seems the True North of Westeros is the path to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Deadline reports Game of Thrones actor Kit Harrington is joining the MCU in an undisclosed role. And … that’s all the info they have. Let your greatest hopes — or fears — run wild as Harrington joins his one time Stark brother Richard Madden in the MCU. Will he be an Eternal? A foe of Doctor Strange? The most unlikely of Namors? We kid, of course. Harrington isn’t really the Prince of Indecision, but he seems totally wrong for the Sub-Mariner.
On the other hand, he could always be Adam Warlock.
We really don’t know. And as we sit in Hall D23 for the Disney+ presentation, we can’t help but wonder if he will make an appearance.
Presumably, this and other Marvel mysteries of the last week will be solved soon.

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