New Pokemon: Sword And Shield Footage Gives A Tour Of The Town

by Sage Ashford

Although we’re only a couple of months away from Pokemon: Sword and Shield’s release date, we haven’t seen very much of the game.  They’ve introduced the concept of Gigantimaxing (where Pokemon can become gigantic) and the Wild Area (where you can catch Pokemon between cities), but not much else besides that.  But for Gamescom, Nintendo brought a little trailer exploring one of the cities in the game.  We’re shown what Pokemon Centers look like in Galar, the Corviknight taxi system, and the railroad that many trainers use in the game to transport themselves between locations.

There’s also both a store to buy produce from (perhaps to feed the Pokemon with?) and a clothing boutique store, which can be found at multiple locations in Galar.   All of this comes after Nintendo revealed trailers detailing more information about Dynamaxing and the competitive game, as well as a new team and rival, along with some Galarian forms for Pokemon, found below.



Pokemon: Sword and Shield releases for the Nintendo Switch on November 15th.

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