Art For Art’s Sake #14 – You Want Art? Oh, We Got Art

by Richard Bruton

Time once more to take you on a tour of all the lovely comic art I’ve seen on my travels across that there t’Internet… it’s time for another Comicon Art For Art’s Sake

Captain Marvel by Katie Cook

Tula Lotay art – beautiful… (via To Write Comics)…

Andrew Robinson – Dr Strange (Via Art Vault)

George Perez – The Thing (Via Spaceship Rocket)

Amy Reeder – Delirium…

Andi Watson – Death…

Dan Hipp – Spidey…

Norm Breyfogle – Batman…

Phoenix – Jean Grey by Meghan Hetric

Grant Perkins – Addams Family

Dan McDaid – Huntress

Mike Maihack – Dani Moonstar…

Torpedo 1936 by Jordi Bernet

Paul Smith – Dr Strange

Gemma Correll

Tom Gauld

Invisible by Satoma Toma (Via Art Vault)

John Paul Leon (Via Are Comics Even Good) – “Some of the earliest John Paul Leon work was done for Dark Horse Comics’ licensed Robocop book“. It’s very different from his later style but really lovely.

And that art by Leon immediately reminded me of the great art of Nabiel Kanan, whose work in Exit (1992-1994) and Exit Vol 2 (1995-1997) I found to be an incredible comic, full of magnificent imagery and artistic style. Sadly, Kanan’s not produced anything (that I know of) since The Drowners in 2006. But, if you do have a chance, make sure you seek out his work – The Drowners (2006), The Birthday Riots (2001), Lost Girl (1999), Exit: Under The Sun (1996).

Sadly, there’s so little of Kanan’s art on the Internet… something that really should change. Until then, here’s just a little of what makes Kanan so incredible…

Exit Volume 1

Exit Volume 2

Lost Girl

The Birthday Riots

The Drowners…

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