Fairlady #5 Faces A Case Jenner Can’t Solve

by Tony Thornley

When you’re a detective in the middle of a fantasy world, your life is already difficult. However for Jenner, the only Fairlady, things are downright dangerous, especially when she faces an enemy she didn’t know she had.

Cover by Jeremy Saliba

The series first arc wraps up in this last chapter by Brian Schirmer, Caludia Balboni, Marissa Louise, Lesley Atlansky, and David Bowman.

Jenner is brought into a murder investigation, thanks to her familiarity with the suspect- a woman she helped clear months previously. As she works the case with the constables, and Romar, a Fairman ally. As she gets deeper and deeper into the case though, she begins to have doubts about the case and what’s truly happening- is it legitimate or is someone or something coming for her?

Schirmer’s script is a lot more introspective than the previous issues, turning much of the story inward on Jenner’s thoughts and feelings than the facts of the case. It creates a very different feel for the issue, which sets the stage for the finale, and the series’ first cliffhanger. However the mystery is still very engaging, even if we didn’t get the intricate plot of the last few issues.

Balboni’s line work remains expressive and engaging, but she makes shifts in her style to go along with the different sort of script. She plays with negative space extremely well, as well as some unusual layouts, which allow Schirmer and Bowman to fill the gutters with Jenner’s thoughts. She keeps the focus tight on Jenner for the entire issue, often centering panels and wider shots on her. Louise and Atlansky’s great color art deepens the world around them as well.

This has been a great ride for the first arc, and I can’t wait to see the series return soon.

Fairlady #5 is available now from Image Comics.

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