Humanoids’ Omni #1 Goes To Second Printing

by Olly MacNamee

Looks like Humanoids has its first bonafide hit on their hands coming from their felling superheroes line, H1, with the news Omni #1 is being rushed back to the printers. From writer Devin Grayson, artist Alitha E. Martinez, and colorist Bryan Valenza, with lettering by a Larger World Studios, the second printing will be out September 25th, 2019, the same date as the second issue, too.

A gifted doctor with a vibrant, compassionate personality, Cecelia Cobbina received boundless praise from her peers and her patients. But that was before the incident in Africa. Before she was forced to leave her job at Doctors Without Borders behind…Before she gained the ability to think at superhuman speed. Overwhelmed with the power to answer every question, she must now overcome her own fears and tackle the one code she can’t seem to break: the truth behind the Ignited.

Check out our preview of the sold out first issue here.

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