Joaquin Phoenix Is The Man Who Laughs In New Joker Trailer

by Erik Amaya

Warner Bros. Pictures has release a trailer for the upcoming Joker. In it, Joaquin Phoenix stars as sad sack Arthur Fleck. He is a failed comedian who gets by dressing up as sign-holding clown. He also seeks out mental aid, even if it offers him little help. But a chance appearance on a late night talk show will lead him to become Gotham City’s most feared criminal mastermind. And as the trailer reveals, Arthur will finally get to enjoy himself once he becomes Joker.

But you’ll note the film looks more like a gritty Warner Bros. movie of the 1970s instead of a glossy superhero film of the 2010s. This is intentional as director Todd Phillips means it to be a love letter to Martin Scorsese pictures like Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy — Robert DeNiro’s appearance and that Carson-esque curtain scream as much. Scorsese was involved as a producer at one point, but that relationship seemingly ended before Phoenix was cast.

Joker comes to theaters on October 4th.

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