Ms. Livewire Goes To Washington In Livewire #9

by Tony Thornley

Politics are a difficult thing to handle in our modern world. On one hand, we can’t avoid them- they permeate everything we do. On the other, it’s unbearable to deal with at times. So what happens when the politics walk up to Livewire’s door and knock? Nothing good.

Cover by Stacey Lee

Vita Ayala, Tana Ford, Kelly Fitzpatrick, and Saida Temafonte tell the tale.

Amanda McKee is midway through a sensitive operation when two bold individuals knock on her door. One is a liberal candidate for Senate, and the other is his campaign manager. They have a deal to offer – they help her and Psiots, and she helps them take down his opponent. Naturally, though, not everything is as it seems.

Ayala has a great grip on using allegory both to tell their story and to make a metaphorical political statement. It could go wrong, but they show their skill in not only making it work, but making it feel like a truly tense political thriller. They also tie it up with an excellent action-filled bow, using quite a bit of intrigue to set the story up.

Ford’s line work is a big departure from the last few arcs, but her expressive cartooning works extremely well. Her action scenes are very fluid, and plays with the layouts to draw us into the movement on the page. She and Fitzpatrick also make the conversation between Amanda and her new allies incredibly engaging – literally using a room full of cameras and screens to keep the conversation moving, and fill the page with information (which Temafonte ably puts on the page among the art).

Things are getting difficult for Livewire, and now there’s more at stake than ever before.

Livewire #9 is available now from Valiant Entertainment.

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