Zoids Wild Zero Gets A Teaser Trailer

by Sage Ashford

A new teaser trailer has been released for the upcoming anime Zoids Wild Zero. Though it has a similar name to Zoids Wild, the series is meant to be a brand new series with an entirely different cast and animation style. Nonetheless, the creators from Zoids Wild are back to work on this series as well. Takao Kato is back doing the directing, Kenichi Araki is doing series composition, and Tadashi Sakazaki will be doing character designs. However, these three were also a major part of the original Zoids: Chaotic Century series as well, so this isn’t necessarily indicative that we’re in for the same story.

The lead character is a young boy named Leo Conrad, known for his ability to remodel Zoids. In general compared to Zoids Wild, Zoids Wild ZERO looks like a significantly more serious story…though it’s still focused on robots that look like animals fighting one another.  So it’s all about how serious one took the concept to begin with. Still, it looks far better than Zoids Wild did, with its characters literally piloting giant death machines while riding outside of a cockpit.

Zoids Wild Zero will begin airing October 4th.

Sage Ashford

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