Advance Review: Find Your Place In The World With Triage #1

by Josh Davison

Evelyn “Evie” Pierce is a nurse, and it is and always has been her dream job. Unfortunately, a mishap and a doctor covering his ass has landed Evie on suspension at her job. Thankfully, she has Tabitha to keep her steady and grounded in her world. The next morning, after Tabitha leaves, Evie sees a flash, and she’s suddenly with a costumed superhero and an armored mercenary–and they both look exactly like her.

Traige #1 cover by Philip Sevy
Traige #1 cover by Philip Sevy

Triage #1 is the first issue of the latest series from creator Philip Sevy and is being published through Dark Horse Comics. It comes out next Wednesday, and yours truly was lucky enough to land a review copy before the release. 

I definitely mean the word “definitely” there, because Triage compels from the get-go with an engaging and complex lead in Evie Pierce. She is a person who defined herself by the role she wanted to take in life, that of a nurse. Now she may be losing that place in this world, and she’s afraid she won’t know who she is without it.

That idea of having a firm role and meaning in the world is reiterated by the big reveal towards the end of the book. While I won’t spoil the specifics, I will say that this book has a definitive theme and is dedicated to exploring it.

The comic can be a little hard to follow in some parts. We get to see that superhero and that mercenary before Evie meets them, and you may be confused as to who they are and where they exist in Evie’s world. It’s all explained by the end, and this part mainly serves to give you a general idea of the characters before Evie meets them.

Triage #1 art by Philip Sevy
Triage #1 art by Philip Sevy

Sevy’s artwork is fantastic. He crafts a detailed world with texture and expression. The costumes and armors that pop up throughout have distinct and interesting designs. There is a visceral feel to Philip Sevy’s work that makes it easy to get absorbed into the story through the visuals. His color art is well-balanced and grabbing too, as he gives his world a very unique atmosphere.

Triage #1 is a very engaging read with a great lead and an intriguing pitch. It’s smart, visually interesting, and plays well with its themes. As such, it easily earns a recommendation. Give this one a read when it comes out on September 4th.

Triage #1 comes to us from writer, artist, and cover artist Philip Sevy.

Final Score: 8.5/10

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