Battle Lines Drawn And Crossed In Justice League #30 From Snyder, Tynion IV, And Jimenez

by Olly MacNamee

The battle lines are drawn and from any angle you look at it, it looks like Luthor is the stone-cold winner, hands down, with the fate of the Multiverse up for grabs for the victor to remould back into the drawer version it once was under Perpetua guidance. Even the combined might of the Earth superheroes – deputised into membership of the League – seems to be a last hurrah, as the collected capes witness their demise; as seen in this week’s preview of the book.

Once again, the League pair off and travel to various destinations in time, to grasp at straws and tilt at windmills, only to find Luthor has got there first, it would seem. Meanwhile, the recruitment drive by the Justice League is darkly mirrored in Luthor’s own drive for newbies; newbies who have had their powers boosted as part of the ongoing Year of the Villain storyline running through countless other DC Comics’ books recently. Amped up villains versus tired and tested masked men and women. I know who I’d be putting my money on at this point, if I was a betting man.

It’s a dialogue heavy issue, but that’s always been okay with this reader, and is necessary to take stock of what has come before, where we are now, and where the League will be next issue, too.  And, it’s not a good place, I can tell you. How Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV, along with art by Jorge Jimenez,  keep knocking these guys down, only for them to keep on getting up, has been something of a marathon to watch over the course of this sensational series, but its a reminder of their collective heroic determination, even in the face of such great adversity. No retreat, no surrender!

Furthermore, if every comic should be written with the consideration of new readers, once again Snyder and Tynion IV have succeeded by adding just enough exposition to allow any new reader access to this storyline, all the while giving a dynamic dimension by returning regular artist, Jimenez. There’s a lot of standing around and discussing issues, but you wouldn’t notice as Jorge makes every conversation between friends and foes energetic, emotive, and engaging. As much as this is a book about action, it’s also been a book about relationships and those quieter moments in between fights that have seen Hawkgirl and J’onn J’onzz become closer and closer, only for her now to feel his absence deeply.

Along for the ride are some familiar faces you wouldn’t necessarily connect with the Justice League, but have their places within DCU history, and will have readers salvation for the next issue and more from these new arrivals; one in the past, t’other in the future. What a tangled web they weave in the pursuit of the bigger story. It certainly all adds up to one Hell of a war! One again, the Justice League creative team has managed to cram a lot into one issue and set the stage for one huge showdown, in the past, present and future! Bring it on!

Justice League #30 is available now from DC Comics.

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