Check Out The Launch Trailer For Astral Chain

by Sage Ashford

Nintendo has released a launch trailer for the release of their upcoming game, Astral Chain via their Nintendo UK YouTube channel. The trailer focuses largely on setting up the storyline for Astral Chain, but doesn’t shy away from showing the city as a whole and some of the other tasks you’ll be taking care of. As a member of Neuron, a special police force, you’ll still be wrapping up other cases while attempting to take care of the primary villain making trouble for the city.

It’s a bit disappointing that though Nintendo has done a ton of marketing for Astral Chain through gameplay and overview videos, they haven’t actually done any of it in English. This is the first real look English speaking viewers are getting at the game in quite some time. Fortunately the reviews thus far have been stellar, with Metacritic giving the game an aggregate score of 88.

Astral Chain comes out on Nintendo Switch this August 30th.

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