Sarah Connor Offers Her Credentials In New Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer

by Erik Amaya

Since we just passed another Judgement Day anniversary, the studios behind Terminator: Dark Fate offered up another trailer for the upcoming film. This time around, Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) offers her credentials to Grace (Mackenzie Davis), an upgraded human from a future where the Machines rose once again and sent Terminators to kill a new person of interest. What all of this has to do with an old T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) hiding in the woods is anyone’s guess. But Sarah’s back in the game and ready to fight for a fate she makes for herself.

We’re … still not sold on this. It’s wonderful to see Hamilton as Sarah Connor again, but Terminator movies stink more often than not and even if James Cameron is back as a producer, we’re not so certain he can revive the series from the absolute doldrums of its last twenty years. Like a few other 1980s titans, the material really only had two stories to tell.
Terminator: Dark Fate opens on November 1st.

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