Art For Art’s Sake # 15 – More Comic Art To Please Your Eyes!

by Richard Bruton

Each week I peruse the Internet for examples of the wonders of the comic art world, just for you. Aren’t I nice? Enjoy… it’s time for yet another Art For Art’s Sake…

Raina Telgemeier – Bizarro world (2005) – Justice league-Bring your kids to work day

Andi Watson – Batman Villainy

Greatest Hits #1 – 2008 – cover by Glenn Fabry

Carmine Infantino – Detective Comics 332 (1964)

Joe Kubert / Adam Kubert  – Spider-Man – 2002 (Via Today’s Inspiration)

Sanford Greene – Doom Patrol #1 (2016)

Walt Simonson – Batman 266 (Dec 1983)

Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Vol. 3 #4 – David Petersen

TMNT by Hal Laren

Hellblazer by Lee Bermerjo

The Pun-isher by Marco D’Alfonso (Via Browse The Stacks)

Emma Frost – Elsa Charretier (Via Failed Mad Scientist)

Kevin Wada – Havok commission

A-Force variant cover – Kevin Wada

Harley Quinn by Otto Schmidt (Via Art Vault)

Marvel’s reprinting of the Alan Moore and Garry Leach’s Miracleman

Mike Allred

Bill Sienkiewicz

John Totleben

Alex Ross

Paul Pope

Mark Buckingham

Phil Noto

Jeff Smith

And finally, the Miracleman #1 Published Cover – Wraparound Marvel Variant Cover by John Totleben, Alan Davis, Garry Leach & Rick Veitch

Warpsmith – Garry Leach

Young Miracleman v Young Nastyman – Garry Leach pencils & Alan Davis inks / Dr. Gargunza plus Miracle Mutt dog – Rick Veitch

Miracleman – Alan Davis

Miraclewoman & Johnny Bates – John Totleben

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