A Covert Mission Doesn’t Go As Planned In MMPR #42

by James Ferguson

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are really starting to gel as a team again with their new additions. Lord Zedd continues to test them with new, more dangerous Putties as a new foe enters the fray. Meanwhile, the Omega Rangers head back to Planet Breel for a covert mission searching for another empowered individual. The dual storylines of “Necessary Evil” get kicked up a notch in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #42.

Both of the stories in this issue are rather compelling so it’s a win all around. Writer Ryan Parrott keeps this arc going at a brisk pace. On Earth, we get some solid development between Tommy and Kimberly as they spend some of their off-hours together. We also see some dynamite Power Rangers action as they go about their usual methods of fighting bad guys without knowing that they’re being watched.
This observer has been hanging like a dark cloud over the team’s head since “Necessary Evil” began. We finally see him make a move with a devastating blow. This is going to be a battle no one will soon forget. His notes are superimposed over the Power Rangers in action, casting an ominous tone to an otherwise exciting sequence.

Artist Daniele Di Nicuolo once again delivers some great shots in the midst of battle. These images take me right back to my childhood watching the Power Rangers on TV after school. It’s not just nostalgia that fuels this solid work. It’s top notch fight choreography and some brilliant camera angles.
While Di Nicuolo is killing it on these scenes, he absolutely destroys it with those following the Omega Rangers. These new costumes are so awesome. They’re sleek and ninja-like. As great as those are, the Rangers’ outfits for this covert mission are even cooler. They get dolled up to go to this secretive auction and it’s like a space-age James Bond.

Colorist Walter Baiamonte highlights each of the Rangers’ colors in these outfits. They all have different shades of their uniform. For example, Jason’s reds range from dark to light which is a nice effect. The auction itself is an otherworldly sequence akin to a more upscale cantina from Star Wars. All types of crazy-looking aliens are on display with every shade under the rainbow.
Letterer Ed Dukeshire adds to this alien nature with a nice variety of word balloons. You truly understand how far from Angel Grove these kids are when they are chatting it up with weird looking monsters.

Parrott ties in recent issues of Go Go Power Rangers into this arc. I’m glad to see the return of some pretty cool characters and concepts introduced over there. We also learn more about what happened after “Shattered Grid” and how the Power Rangers actions affected the rest of the universe. This is absolutely riveting as these heroes may have saved everyone and everything, but they also caused some unintended bloodshed as a result. That’s a hard for any hero to grapple with, let alone teenagers.
Just when you think the Power Rangers might catch a break and earn a little R&R, they’re attacked on multiple fronts. This series has taken this franchise well past five teenagers with attitude. This is a galaxy-spanning event with untold possibilities. It’s the next evolution of the Power Rangers and I am here for it.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #42 from Boom! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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