Discover The Truth In Strange Skies Over East Berlin #1 First Look

by James Ferguson

Strange Skies Over East Berlin, the Cold War thriller comic from writer Jeff Loveness and artist Lisandro Estherren, is set to debut in October. Publisher Boom! Studios has shared an early preview of the first issue, following an American spy who encounters an inhuman threat in 1973.

The comic centers on Herring, a disillusioned American spy. He’s spent the entire Cold War infiltrating the inner circles of East German intelligence, but he barely believes in this cause anymore. He’s done everything his government has asked of him. His latest mission pits him against an old Stasi foe and a strange powerful force that threatens the very existence of humanity. Hopefully he changes his attitude soon.

Strange Skies Over East Berlin #1 features a main cover by Evan Cagle and a variant cover by Tonci Zonjic. It’s set for release on October 2nd, 2019.

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