Over The Ropes Digs Into Sports Entertainment’s Biggest Era

by James Ferguson

Mad Cave Studios has announced Over the Ropes, a new series from writer Jay Sandlin and aritst Antonello Cosentino exploring the world of indie wrestling during the golden age of sports entertainment (aka: 1990s). It’s an underdog story where in-ring personas often bleed into reality.

Writer Jay Sandlin says:

On the surface, Over the Ropes may seem like another Saturday morning wrestling show, but in reality, it’s about the underdog in all of us fighting and clawing for one moment in the spotlight. The characters grew out of my desire to write the kind of wrestling story I gravitated to the most; where the predetermined nature of in-ring action and backstage drama blends with shades of reality until the two are indistinguishable.

Over the Ropes follows a young high-flyer named Jason Lynn as he goes off-script during a match to win the world title, setting the southern territory on fire as the face-painted wrestler known as Phoenix. Jason’s in-ring battles are outperformed by his struggles outside of the squared circle. He’s juggling everything from first dates and crooked promoters to cage matches, factions, and families. Regardless of what life sends his way, he lives by his catchphrase: “I. Will. Rise.”
No specific release date for Over the Ropes #1 has been announced at this time. As a recent wrestling convert, I’m eagerly anticipating this comic.

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