Star Wars Battlefront II’s Continued Success Means III Is Not In The Works

by Sage Ashford

Thanks to a botched implementation of microtransactions, Star Wars: Battlefront II was one of the most controversial games of 2017.  It was responsible for one of the most downvoted threads of all time on Reddit, and was so bad eventually the folks at Disney themselves were forced to step in, leading to EA removing the dreaded P2W aspects of the game completely. But since then, the game has drifted from the collective public radar, as most games tend to once they’re no longer the flavor of the month.

However, that doesn’t mean the game itself stopped being popular. On the contrary, after removing the Star Cards from the system, developer DICE continues to work on the title, adding additional content in levels and characters from the films.  That brings us to this interview from PCGamesN, where the developer admits that they have no intention to work on Battlefront III as of now, thanks in part to the success of Battlefront II.

We were so used to the chain of sequels, where we do a sequel then we do a season pass for a year then move onto the next game. I think the industry has changed on that… before it was very transactional and we made the game and we signed up for 4 DLCs and then that’s it. So then you focus on getting value to players out of what they paid for and if there was a system that wasn’t working then you put a pin in that and say we will fix it in the sequel. This time around we’re not doing it that way.

Of course, it’s easy to suggest that this is simply what they have to say considering how poorly fans reacted to Battlefront II, but it doesn’t quite line up with the fact that even two years later, the game is still receiving support:

That was from March of this year, with a new update to the Heroes and Villains system hitting in August. sEA has had a rather poor time with the Star Wars franchise. Just going off of what we know, they’ve actually canceled about as many games as they’ve actually put out this generation.  However, as Star Wars: Battlefront II remains popular and we prepare for the fall release of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, could the developer finally be getting back on track? It remains to be seen, but we do know that EA has exclusive rights to the property until 2023. With this much time remaining and a new console generation on the horizon, it’s doubtful they’ll stick solely to Battlefront II as their primary multiplayer Star Wars game.

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