LBX 2019: Updating Scooby & The Gang For Upcoming Film

by Gary Catig

Scooby Doo will be celebrating his 50th Birthday later this week so what time was better than during LightBox Expo to showcase his upcoming 3-D CGI animated feature, Scoob!. The film’s producer, Pam Coats, and production designer, Michael Kurinsky, were present to provide a look into updating Scooby and his gang to current times and a sneak peek at some of the theatrical footage.

There have been many incarnations of Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Velma since they made their debuts. One challenge was developing their own take on the beloved characters without alienating too many of the diehard fans. One aspect they did not want to change was their coloring as that is one of their most identifiable features.

For the lead, they kept very true to his original look. However, they tried to make Scooby more realistic by incorporating more musculature consistent with dog anatomy.

They brought in stylists and costume designers to help with the human characters. There were some subtle changes like Shaggy received a white long sleeve undershirt beneath his recognizable green t-shirt. Daphne lost her scarf in favor of a collar and gained a belt for the second stripe on her dress.

Fred no longer wears his signature ascot and has a more fashion forward look replacing his white shirt with a letterman jacket. They took the most artistic license on Velma making her more attractive and replacing her loafers and knee-high socks with boots.

The panel ended with more details about the movie. Dick Dastardly is the villain and he has robot henchmen called the Rottens. The footage shown shows classic hijinks with Scoob and Shaggy being chased by the Rottens and they flip the script mid chase by opening a restaurant to take orders and distract their pursuers.

Though it is still to be seen whether the film is the start of a larger Hanna-Barbera Universe, there are Easter eggs sprinkled throughout. One street scene still had Magilla Gorilla’s Peeble’s Pet Shop and a billboard referencing The Jetson’s Spacely’s Sprockets. In the same still, a bowling alley was named after Scooby original designer, Iwao Takamoto.

Scoob! will be released May 15, 2020. It is animated by Reel FX for the Warner Animated Group.

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