Swiss Watchmaker RJ Celebrates Batman’s 80th Anniversary With Style

by James Ferguson

Swiss watchmaker RJ held a special event at the Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées concept store in Paris to celebrate Batman’s 80th anniversary. Fans will be able to visit this installation through September 22nd and see RJ’s new collaboration watches created with DC Comics, focusing on two of the Caped Crusader’s greatest enemies: Two-Face and The Joker.

The RJ X Batman Villains collection dates back to 2014 when the watchmaker first partnered with Warner Bros. Consumer Products. This coincided with Batman’s 75th anniversary. Now, five years later, RJ turns to the dark side with these new Arraw watches, each limited to only 100 pieces.

Marco Tedeschi, CEO and Creative Director of RJ says:

It is always exciting to combine high-horology and iconic concepts of pop culture, and to bring Super Heroes and infamous Super-Villains. The Super-Villains of the DC Universe have always appealed to audiences around the world for their evil brilliance and ability to shock and thrill. Joining in on the celebrations in Paris of the DC universe with the RJ X Batman Villains is the perfect occasion to honor Batman’s 80th anniversary.

Needless to say, I want these watches so much. I’ve been sporting a Batman watch for a few years and these two would be a definite upgrade. RJ even sweetened the deal by including special extras like a deck of Joker playing cards and a double-headed coin with the collector’s editions. Considering these cost a few thousand dollars, I probably won’t be getting my hands on one anytime soon. I’ll have to settle for admiring them from afar.

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