Are You Ready For The Ride Of Your Life? Preview Field Tripping From ComiXology Originals

by Olly MacNamee

Coming out from ComiXology Originals this week is Field Tripping an all-new, creator owned mini-series by co-writers James Asmus and Jim Festante, with art by José García and letters by Ryan Ferrier. Looking at the preview and synopsis below, it seems like one wild and wonderfully fun ride, and as an Amazon Prime member, I get it for free too. Result!

When a flighty teacher with a mysterious bus takes her young students on field trips into parallel dimensions to illustrate different lessons, she fails to realize that it’s a horribly dangerous idea and that children break everything they touch. The machine breaks and leaves them stranded, jumping between bizarre worlds but never seemingly able to go back to their own.
Seven years in the future the surviving kids are now teenagers – wildly transformed by the worlds they’ve visited but seemingly unable to grow up and take responsibility for themselves. That is, until a surprise vendetta upends their routine and forces the kids to step up and act like adults for the first time.

Here’s how co-writer, Asmus, summed this new series up:

Field Tripping is a candy-coated sugar-rush of innocent kids’ cartoons shoved into an adrenaline and anxiety-fueled life and death bender across everything your childhood self feared and fantasized about. Space, unicorns, alternate dimensions, labyrinths, pirates, ghosts, crushes – it’s a world where anything is possible and everything is terrifying. Just like actual middle school.

As for the art, with so much dimension-hopping action, García couldn’t be happier with the challenge of so much, and varied, world building.

The story involves a lot of jumping between dimensions, so it gives a lot of opportunity to see brand new worlds and explore some really wacky ideas. The art is super detailed and colorful so even if you only see just one glimpse of the world, looking at the details of the environment, the clothing and design of the characters in it, you know there’s so much story behind it.

Take a peek below:

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