Agent Blake Breaks Down The Reasons For Masks In New Watchmen Trailer

by Erik Amaya

Watchmen, the strange and ambitious HBO quasi-sequel to the landmark DC Comics maxiseries, is nearly here. And because cable channels and streaming services are having a bit of fun with Friday, the 13th of September, HBO has unleashed another trailer for the program. This time around, Agent Blake (Jean Smart) runs down all the reasons people in the Watchmen world (can we just call it Earth-W?) wear masks. Her theory is far from wrong even if Tulsa police officer Angela Abar (Regina King) disagrees with it.

Meanwhile, the status quo on Earth-W is about the be upended. For the last little while, police officers have obscured their identities following an attack by a white supremacist organization known as the Seventh Calvary. The use of costumed identities seemed to work, but Abar has uncovered a new Seventh Calvary plot to ascertain the real identities of the Tulsa police department. The situation will seemingly bring mystery men out of a long slumber and possibly signal the return of Dr. Manhattan. And thanks to the trailer, we have a new question to ask: is all this part of Adrian Veidt’s (Jeremy Irons) new plan for world peace?
Watchmen debuts October October 20th on HBO.

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