The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance 1.2 – A Daring Escape

by Gary Catig

An unnamed Podling wakes up and goes through his morning routine. He then sets off to his job and we realize he is the caretaker of Aughra’s Observatory. He is responsible for the building’s upkeep while the Keeper of Secrets spiritually explores the cosmos. All of a sudden, Aughra awakes feeling that something is wrong with Thra.
[*Spoilers For 1.2 Ahead!]

A Fugitive on the Run
The entire castle is on lockdown with everyone trying to find Rian. All the Gelflings are fed the false story that their comrade murdered his love and is on the run. Meanwhile, The Scientist is tasked with obtaining more essence but his machine broke during his previous attempt. The little that remains from Mira is locked away for safekeeping.
With everyone trying to catch him, Rian turns to Gurjin for help. His friend is hesitant to believe him at first, but a quick dreamfast convinces him of Rian’s innocence. The pair decide to break into The Scientist’s laboratory to steal the essence as evidence of their rulers’ evil plans.
While rummaging through the workshop, they are forced to hide when the Chamberlain walks in with the intentions of stealing the remaining essence. The Scientist catches him and they begin to fight. In the scuffle, the essence is dropped and the two Gelflings retrieve it and try to make a getaway.
They are cornered by the two Skeksis and Gurjin is caught. However, he is able to distract the pursuers long enough for Rian to make a dramatic escape by jumping out a window into the moat below. Knowing how big a threat Rian can be, the Emperor enlists his own father to bring him back with the intentions of draining both their essence when they return.
As a punishment for losing Rian and the essence, The Scientist is made to face the peeper beetle. In a ritualistic ceremony, a basket is placed over his head and an insect is placed inside. The beetle scurries around the Skeksis’ face before heading towards his eye. The scene begins to fade as you hear chomping noises in the background.
A Double Cross
Elsewhere, Brea is investigating the weird symbol from her vision. She follows a lead to Elder Cadia, an important member of the Sifa Clan. When shown the image, he instantly recognizes it but holds back any information. He tries to slip some forgetful potion in the princess’ tea but she slyly switches drinks with him when he isn’t looking.
There is enough potion that Cadia experiences complete amnesia. His assistant recognizes the symbol as well and pledges to help Brea unravel its mysteries. When she returns home, her mother, the All-Maudra, is waiting. The incident with the elder has caused a political scandal between the Sifa and Vapra and the All-Maudra knows she stole the farmer’s wife’s necklace from her and returned it. To discipline her daughter, she sends her to the Order of Lesser Service to do outreach for the downtrodden.

A Tale of Two Journeys
Deet is filled with wonder and curiosity as she explores the surface world. There are so many new creatures to encounter, but unfortunately not all of them are friendly. A spitter tries to ambush her during a nap but luckily a brave Podling, named Hup, comes to her rescue. Together they repel the attack and learn they both are going to Ha’rar. They decide to become travel companions to the Gelfling capital.
Back in her observatory, Aughra is searching for any clues about what is wrong with Thra. After consulting her scrolls and books, she still has no idea. Since she entrusted the Skeksis with The Crystal in her absence, she feels they are a good place to start her investigation and sets off for the castle.
If there is one character that has stood out so far, it should be The Chamberlain. He is so sharp and quick witted when it comes to certain situations. Whether it’s telling Rian’s father that his son’s mind is infected so no one should dreamfast with him or deflecting the blame of Rian’s escape to The Scientist, he always seems to have the right answer to save himself.
In addition, as much work that is put into world building visually, it’s nice to see as much effort put into the mythology and culture of these different species. We see firsthand some of the crude rituals of the Skeksis as they dole out punishment. It was very fitting that ceremony entailed the peeper beetle and now we know how The Scientist lost his eye.
Plus, this episode had our first Fizzgig sighting. Two no less.
The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance can be currently viewed on Netflix.

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