Upcoming Image Comic “Undiscovered Country” To Become A Feature Film

by Erik Amaya

New Republic Pictures is looking to find an Undiscovered Country.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the production company has optioned the forthcoming Image Comics title with an eye toward making it a motion picture franchise. The comic by Scott Snyder, Charles Soule and Giuseppe Camuncoli tells of a world in which in the United States has been closed off for decades by a literal wall. A group of explored enter the forbidden nation, but what they find there will be startling.

And considering the first issue of Undiscovered Country does not come out until November 4th, we really don’t know what those explorers will find beyond the wall. Of course, the term “undiscovered country” typically means “death,” thanks to William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, even if Klingon Chancellor Gorkon (David Warner) changed its meaning to “the future” in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Hopefully, the characters will debate the meaning of the term — citing these references — themselves sometime during the comic’s run.

Snyder and Soule will write the first draft of the screenplay and serve as executive producers alongside Camuncoli and New Republic’s John Hilary Shepherd. Since it is still early days for the project, the film is far from a release date.

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