Cannon Busters Is A Contemporary Classic – Season 1 Reviewed

by Tito W. James

Anime as of late has fallen into a bit of a rut. While there are some excellent shows being produced, most programs are relying heavily on tired tropes and fan-service. That’s why Cannon Busters is so refreshing with a “return to form” approach that takes everything that was great about anime of the 90s and supercharging the material into present day.

Cannon Busters follows a group of unlikely allies on their journey across a SciFi western landscape with a healthy dose of magic, mechs and Afrofuturism. The series can easily appeal to fans of Trigun and Cowboy Bebop while remaining original. Cannon Busters shines in its ever-expanding world-building and truly wonderful characters.

Each character, hero or villain, has an iconic design and personality. There’s a Saturday morning sense of cartoon fun juxtaposed with real danger and a theme song so good you have to sing along. Overall, Cannon Busters is a blast to watch and a breath of fresh air in the medium of Anime. I eagerly await season 2.

Cannon Busters is now streaming on Netflix.

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