Event Leviathan #4 Drives The Mystery Forward

by Tony Thornley

At the end of the last issue of Event Leviathan, the mystery kicked into high gear with the arrival of Superman. However, does Leviathan stay a step ahead of even the greatest superhero, or does Superman draw things to a close?

Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev, and Josh Reed put Kal-El and Leviathan face to face.

Superman is reeling in the wake of his confrontation with Leviathan. His defense of Amanda Waller was unsuccessful- Leviathan is using tech that completely baffles his X-ray vision, he doesn’t know for sure Waller ISN’T Leviathan, and the terrorist blasts him halfway across the world. However, just as Batman’s detectives try to figure out what to do next, Batgirl- missing since the Leviathan attacks began- is able to contact them, giving them the best lead they’ve had so far…

[Some minor spoilers ahead!]

This issue follows the same structure of the previous several- with a jump forward recapping the events immediately after the previous cliffhanger- but after three issues of set-up, Bendis drops multiple bombshells that move the plot forward. It adds to the momentum he’s been building throughout the series, with the successive revelations that Waller may be Leviathan, Batgirl’s phone call, and the end of issue revelation that Lois Lane has had a second group of detectives working this case all along. It’s got a breathtaking pace, and is a very exciting read, especially after the slow pace of the last few issues.

Even with the exciting development in plot, Maleev’s art is still the best thing about this series. His Superman is powerful, but he’s very human and relatable. We can see the weight of the world on his shoulders- we don’t need dialogue to know that he’s taking not catching Leviathan out on himself personality. Maleev shows us all that just in his face and body language, and that’s just one example of how good he is in this issue.

We’re a huge leap forward from where we started, and now the final act of the story is in high gear. I’m excited to see where it goes.

Event Leviathan #4 is available now from DC Comics.

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