Square-Enix Reveals The Latest ‘Final Fantasy VII: Remake’ Trailer

by Sage Ashford

Square-Enix recently revealed the latest trailer showcasing their upcoming title, Final Fantasy VII: Remake.  In perhaps the most extensive look at the game yet, this trailer revealed plot points, gave us several glimpses of combat including how status effects will work, introduced characters like The Turks and gave more spotlight to some of the other members in AVALANCHE.  It also hinted at the Honey Bee Inn, showed off what the classic Ifrit summon will look like (some of it, at least), and gave us a small glimpse at some of the side activities in the game.
There might also be a new character included, which plays into what people were expecting with this remake of the game.  We’ve already been told that the story is simply “too big” to be done as a single game, which is why this version will be split into multiple installments.  Though we’re not sure just how long this part will be, Square has assured us it’ll be a full story unto itself.  This means expanding on many of the stories that were originally smaller, which means expanding on the world of Final Fantasy as a result.  What this means in the long run is unclear: will we be adding to SOLDIER?  Including more parts of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII?  One thing’s for sure: we sure hope Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie will get to stick around and do more stuff with the rest of the party this time.
It might be frustrating for players who want an exact 1:1 recreation of the original story, but that wasn’t a realistic possibility to begin with.  There was always going to be something added or lost in the translation, so hopefully they’ll at least know what bits not to mess with and what parts to improve upon.
Final Fantasy VII: Remake is available for Sony PlayStation 4 on March 3rd, 2020.

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