Black Cat #4 Ups The Ante By Targeting The Fantastic Four’s Home

by James Ferguson

How can Black Cat possibly top a heist at the Sanctum Sanctorum?  By robbing the Fantastic Four, of course.  There are times for stealth and espionage and there are times you can just walk right in through the front door.  This is definitely the latter since Felicia Hardy has an in with the Human Torch.

These are huge heists in their own right, but they all work together to achieve something greater.  It’s pretty cool to see the first examples for how these elements might link up to reach this goal.  I’m a sucker for these kinds of stories and I’m trying to figure out how all of this might work out.  Writer Jed MacKay keeps us focused on the task at hand and it’s a big one.

Felicia’s running commentary throughout Black Cat #4 adds some nice comic relief to the comic.  I like how she pays respect to Sue Storm, pointing out that she is the real reason you don’t rip off the Fantastic Four.  Forget the Thing and the Human Torch.  She implies what Sue will do and how horrible it would be without getting into details.  I’m sure we can all think of a few things that a mother would do if you threatened her family.

Letterer Ferran Delgado emphasizes certain sequences with larger caption boxes, implying that Felicia is screaming these thoughts.  It adds to the tension of a given scene when she needs to snatch the item she’s looking for.

Although there are a few monkey wrenches thrown into the works, Felicia is constantly in control.  She is playing Johnny Storm like a fiddle.  Artist Travel Foreman gives her this conniving facial expression that’s as adorable as it is suspicious.  This contrasts well with the flashback scenes of her out of costume where she’s more relaxed.  It’s like she puts her game face on for the heist.

There’s something a little off with the art in Black Cat.  Many of the forms lack detail.  The basic colors are there thanks to Brian Reber, but they seem to coat full sections of bodies, creating solid blobs.  For example, Felicia’s costume is black from head to toe, and it’s like staring into a void.  The Human Torch has a similar effect for most of his suit.  You have the outline of their bodies, but not a lot else.

Black Cat is the fast-paced heist comic we need in the Marvel Universe.  It’s a tense thriller filled with hilarious antics.  It’s fun to see how the characters interact in these stressful situations made even more so by the crazy things that tend to happen in places like Dr. Strange’s house and the Fantastic Four’s headquarters.

Black Cat #4 from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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