DBZ: Kakarot Shows Off Vegeta Gameplay, Buu Saga

by Sage Ashford

During Tokyo Game Show, Bandai-Namco offered plenty of information on their upcoming game Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, starting with a trailer confirming the addition of the Buu Saga.  With this, it’s been confirmed they really are doing the entire story of Dragon Ball Z, from Saiyan Saga to Buu Saga.   Fans were also shown gameplay featuring Vegeta at Bandai-Namco’s booth.

The gameplay begins roughly 30 minutes into the video, as we see Vegeta flying around in his classic pink “BADMAN” shirt.  This gives us a glimpse at a city in the game, but also shows more of the side quests available in the game.  Vegeta’s able to spar with Tien and battle against some leftover soldiers from Frieza’s army.  The game looks considerably more challenging than people were initially expecting, with it requiring frequent movement around the field to avoid attacks from multiple enemies.

When Bandai claimed DBZ: Kakarot would explore the story of Goku, the general consensus from people online seemed to be this would be a game meant to cover the well-worn first half of Dragon Ball Z, stopping at the Frieza Saga and leaving the other half of the story to a sequel, which usually never happens because fans are too annoyed with playing the first half of the series over and over to support the game.

But Kakarot is really establishing itself as a game which seems to be the ultimate Dragon Ball Z game.  We’re exploring every major arc from the series, and at this point there’s only one thing standing in the game’s way of being perfect from a content standpoint: the seeming blandness of all the major side quests, and the lack of inclusion for the film villains.   Villains like Garlic Jr, Turles, and others would have made for excellent side story material.  And this could be the perfect opportunity to include a bunch of non-canon side story moments that would be entertaining for fans, but right now all the come down to: meet someone else, run hands with them.   Hopefully there are more quests like the pre-order material, with stories not shown by the original series.

DBZ: Kakarot launches on PS4, Steam, and Xbox One on January 17th, 2020.

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