Donna Troy And Jim Gordon Get Infected This Winter

by Olly MacNamee

DC Comics heroes get infected this November, and while DC Comics have already revealed the first 4 infected heroes, only now have they released details of the last two. And they will be Donna Troy and Jim Gordon. Well, I guessed one correctly, at least.

Spinning out from the current story arc in the newly launched Superman/Batman book, Donna Troy and Jim Gordon, will be featured in December’s two one-shots. The Infected: Deathbringer #1, by writer Zoë Quinn (Goddess Mode) and artist Tyler Kirkham (Teen Titans, Deathstroke), hits shelves December 4th and The Infected: The Commissioner #1, by writer Paul Jenkins (Batman: The Dark Knight, Batman: Jekyll and Hyde) and artist Jack Herbert (The Silencer, Earth 2: World’s End), hits shelves on December 18th, with covers by Viktor Bogdanovic.

It’s all part of DC’s ongoing Year of The Villain and will culminate in the 4 issue mini-series Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen, by writer James Tynion IV and artist Steve Epting, debuting on December 18th. And here I thought DC Comics were supposed to be a brighter place these days!

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