Jonathan Luna & Lauren Keely Team Up For Sci-Fi Thriller 20XX From Image

by James Ferguson

Image Comics has announced its next ongoing sci-fi / thriller series with 20XX from Jonathan Luna and Lauren Keely. Debuting in December 2019, the comic is set in the not-too-distant future in a world of norms and syms, divided by fear. Syms have telekinetic abilities, but represent a small percentage of the population. They form gangs to survive and this division only leads to more. Mer and Nuon experience this firsthand as they get caught in the middle of a dramatic, violent, and complex social landscape of sym gang rivalry in Anchorage, Alaska.

Jonathan Luna says:

I’m very excited about 20XX, as it combines some elements I’ve wanted to use in a story for a very long time: gangs mixed with romance, drama, and supernatural abilities, inspired by cyberpunk. Lauren and I have spent over a year developing this series. It’s evolved quite a bit over that time, having gone through multiple iterations, and we ultimately took what we loved from those iterations and created something we hope everyone will enjoy. Everyone over 18, that is.

There are a few interesting elements at work in 20XX and I’m eager to see how they’ll play out, especially in this setting.

Lauren Keely adds:

20XX is a very ambitious first project for me. But that’s what I love about it. I love diving headfirst into something that’s a bit outside of my comfort zone. I’m so excited for readers to experience the world that Jonathan and I have created, and I hope that this story and the themes we explore—belonging, prejudice, and morality—will resonate with readers in a way that stays with them long after they’ve put the books down.

20XX #1 is set for release on December 4th, 2019.

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