Speak Your Mind With Star Trek: Year Five #6

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]

A series of violent fights between crew members has shaken the Enterprise. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy want to know what has gotten into the crew of this ship, but Lieutenant Uhura is the one who gets the first clue as to the cause when she begins speaking with Bright Eyes, the Tholian. Up until this point, no one could communicate with the Tholians, and Uhura believes that this development is linked to the violent outbursts by the Enterprise crew. In short, everyone aboard the ship is hearing what one another actually thinks instead of what they’re saying.

Star Trek: Year Five #6 cover by Stephen Thompson and Charlie Kirchoff
Star Trek: Year Five #6 cover by Stephen Thompson and Charlie Kirchoff

Star Trek: Year Five #6 shows the crew of the USS Enterprise at one another’s throats, and they’re only hope is the ingenuity of the ever-clever and observant Lt. Uhura. 

The story feels very in line with classic Star Trek plots. A strange and somewhat awkward affliction has hit the Enterprise, and it could very well tear the ship and its crew apart.

Jody Houser’s dialogue is noteworthy as well. It straddles the line of staying absolutely true to the original Star Trek writing style while remaining a little smarter, nuanced, and focused. 

Also, I like the Planet of the Apes reference in calling the Tholian “Bright Eyes.”

Silvia Califano’s artwork is quite good as well. The style is highly detailed and expressive. Each character looks near-identical to their original series counterparts, and the design of the Tholian remains quite cool. Thomas Deer’s color art pops well and remains quite bright and vibrant throughout.

Star Trek: Year Five #6 is a strange and fun installment for this original series continuation series. The conflict is interesting and creative, the dialogue is damn good, and the artwork is downright awesome. This one gets a recommendation for sure. Check it out.

Star Trek: Year Five #6 comes to us from writer Jody Houser, artist Silvia Califano, color artist Thomas Deer, letterer Neil Uyetake, cover artist Stephen Thompson with Charlie Kirchoff, variant cover artists J.J. Lendl and Nils Walter Khan, and showrunners Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing.

Final Score: 8.5/10

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