Sunstar Realises His Limitations In Second Coming #3 From Russell, Kirk, And Pace

by Olly MacNamee

While Second Coming #3 has its fair share of satirical humour, writer Mark Russell also injects this issue with a tinge of pathos too, as Sunstar returns to his rural hometown of Littleton (Littleton. Smallville. Geddit?)  in order to hunt for his runaway aged mother in the early stages of dementia, and realises that his powers have their limitations. It’s not the only revelation either, as he witnesses a town transformed – like so many of our own – into less community-focused and warm neighbourhoods, and more homogenised and cramped living suburbs of larger conurbations. It’s the harsh price of development that no-one really asked for, but is the reality nonetheless. Just wait until you get a look at what Sunstar’s home has been turned into. It’s the perfect summation of Russell’s philosophical satire right there in just one panel. It genuinely made me laugh out loud.

Meanwhile, left to his own devices, Jesus has a hard time convincing people of his second coming. But then, wouldn’t you if you were confronted by some weirdy-beardy hippy in scandals if he came up to you and claimed to be the son of God?

One again, Russell, with the artistic tag team of Richard Pace and Leonard Kirk, shows a compassion for the teachings of Christ that reveals a deeply thought out plot that balances jokes with genuine life lessons that even Sunstar is coming round to taking on board, making him a better person for it. Christ might be having a hard time with the rest of humanity, but his pacifist philosophies are certainly landing with Sunstar.

It’s another fascinating issue that is genuinely grounded in the teachings of Christ as they should be applied, not as others have translated them.

Add to this not one, but three short prose pieces, by David A Gray (Rageicide), Michael Penncavage (Pitch) and Carol Lay (Ghost) and one again you have a satisfying read for a satisfying price.

Second Coming #3 is out Wednesday, the 18th of September from AHOY Comics.

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