“Beautiful, Glorious, Punishing Action” – Your First Look At Hardcore Reloaded #1

by Olly MacNamee

Hardcore Reloaded is the title of a new 5 part mini-series by writer Brandon Thomas (Excellence), artist Francis Portela (Faith), and Leonardo Paciarotti with an emphasis on action. Lots of action, as Thomas explains:

To quote a great man, Hardcore: Reloaded is all about that action, boss. It is a celebration and showcase for the most beautiful, glorious, punishing action that comics is capable of, and figuring out a new sequence that would somehow top the one we did the issue before is a challenge every one of us embraces. Francis’ crisp lines and amazing details makes for some of the most astounding artwork I’ve ever been connected to, and excited for everyone else’s jaws to slam into the floor when they see these pages.

A follow up to the original Hardcore series, by Robert Kirkman (Oblivion Song, The Walking Dead) and Marc Silvestri (Witchblade), this preview of the comic – out Wednesday, December 18th from Image/Skybound – seems like it lives up to it’s hype of Thomas and at least equals the violence, mayhem and action of the original. For those missing Die! Die! Die!, this could well be our antidote. Are you in?

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