Joe Hill & Martin Simmonds Announce Dying is Easy: A ‘Fair-Play’ Comic Book Mystery

by Olly MacNamee

Stealing other comedian’s jokes is a big no-no, but it doesn’t usually result in a hit being placed on your head. It does in new 5 part mystery thriller, Dying is Easy, from writer Joe Hill and illustrator Martin Simmonds.

When an upstart comedian with a particularly ugly past achieves stardom by stealing jokes, he quickly earns a target on his back. It’s not long before the laughter stops… and the gunplay begins.

Joe Hill had this to say about this new series and working with Punks Not Dead’s Martin Simmonds:

Dying is Easy gave me a chance to try my hand at a genre I love… and also allowed me to pay tribute to the poets of pulp, guys like Larry Block and Walter Mosley and Elmore Leonard, who have been inspiring me and blowing my mind for decades. And I get to do it alongside Martin Simmonds, whose exacting pencils and vivid colors bring to life a whole neon-blurred world of heart-broken chumps and leg-breaking creeps. To think I get paid to do this!

As for Simmonds, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to work with Hill?

I’d been dying to work on a project that’d allow me to push my art in a darker direction. The chance to collaborate on Dying is Easy with Joe means I can do exactly that. Dying is Easy has been a bloody riot to illustrate, and I hope readers will get that same level of excitement from sleuthing their way through the series!

Coming out this December from IDW, Dying is Easy introduces readers to Syd “Sh*t-Talk” Homes, a disgraced ex-cop, bitter stand-up comic, and wanted felon and encourages the readers to figure out whodunnit from the clues Hilla and Simmonds include along the way in this ‘fair-play’ comic book series. Are you game?

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