A Quest For Revenge Begins In Kill Whitey Donovan

by James Ferguson

Dark Horse Comics has partnered with 12-Gauge Comics to release Kill Whitey Donovan, a new epic tale of female empowerment and friendship. Writer Sydney Duncan and artist Natalie Barahona are joined by 12-Gauge Comics Art Director Brian Stelfreeze, acting as a historical consultant and editor.

Writer Sydney Ducan says:

I’d written Kill Whitey Donovan as a book about ten years ago in between Gabriel Adam books, fascinated by this notion of how external and internal expectations guide identity. Hattie represented the external struggle and Anna the internal. I wanted to explore those ideas on this Inferno-esque journey during the Civil War, which was basically this war for identity and, I thought, the perfect backdrop for the story.

Kill Whitey Donovan picks up after Anna Hoyt’s sister commits suicide. In mourning, Anna heads out to Atlanta to kill the man responsible for destroying her family: her fiance, Jim “Whitey” Donovan. Anna is a spirited yet pampered daughter of a prominent doctor and can’t accomplish this task by herself. She makes a deal with Hattie Virgil, one of the Donovan slaves who has an agenda of her own. Hattie’s given a chance at freedom if she can lead Anna on this quest.
Kill Whitey Donovan #1 is set for release on December 4th, 2019.

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