Batman #79 Reveals How Bruce Wayne Got His Groove Back

by Tony Thornley

The last several months of Batman were spent tearing Bruce Wayne down as Bane’s ultimate plan was implemented. The uber-villain was nearly successful as well, until an unexpected factor came into play. This interlude arc has been all about what that means for the Dark Knight, and his future…

Cover by Tony S. Daniel and Tomeu Morey

Tom King, Clay Mann, Seth Mann, Tomeu Morey and Clayton Cowles wrap up Batman’s return to greatness before he faces Bane.

With his confidence back, Selina Kyle now needs to get Bruce back into fighting shape. The duo trains, fights crime, and reconnect. It all leads to a daring midnight raid, one that could ruin Bane, and prepare the Bat and Cat for success…

King steps back into writing Bruce and Selina together without missing a beat. Realistically this arc wasn’t totally necessary for the plot, but for the characters, it absolutely was. It reestablishes the connection between the duo that really made the earlier portion of King’s run sparkle. There’s also a handful of small details peppered in that add some great context to the City of Bane arc so far, and changes several crucial plot points (particularly the plot of issue #77). It’s a great read.

As good as the story is, it wouldn’t stand out without the Manns and Morey. The line art is emotive in the first half of the issue, keeping the focus tight on Bruce and Selina. We’re drawn in on the connection they’re rebuilding, keeping up through the second half of the issue, as we see the Bat and Cat back together in action. The action pages shift into more fluid storytelling, pulling the POV out, and showing Batman back to himself. Morey’s colors remain bright though, exploiting the tropical setting to give us a wholly different looking Batman story.

Batman’s back to himself, and he has his greatest ally at his side. It’s going to be thrilling to see what happens next.

Batman #79 is available now from DC Comics.

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