Exclusive Preview: Witness The Ultimate Sci-Fi School Trip In Alien Bones From Chris ‘Doc’ Wyatt

by Olly MacNamee

Coming from the mind that gave us (and now a comic) Napoleon Dynamite is an all-new YA graphic novel from Emmy nominated animated TV writer/producer Chris “Doc” Wyatt, producer of the aforementioned cult classic. Names Alien Bones, it’s a romp through space – and school – in search of learning. Well, dinosaurs, actually, and the promise of a very cosmic adventure.

In the all ages original graphic novel Alien Bones, ten-year old Liam Mycroft roams the galaxy in a starship with his paleontologist father in search of the fossils of extinct alien dinosaurs. But when his father disappears inside the mysterious ruins of an underground alien city, Liam, his best friend Dianna, his robot Standard-5, and his tiny pet dino are launched on a cosmic adventure that could impact the entire human race.

A future in which Neil Gaiman is considered a classic author worthy of studying, but no matter how high-tech education becomes, it’s safe to say it’ll never hold everyone’s interests. Oh, and there’ll always be P.E.
Here’s “Doc” now to tells us more about this sci-fi school saga and its origins:

The idea of Alien Bones came from wanting to thrill my son with an adventure out in the universe. I can admit that astronomy can sometimes seem dry and boring in the classroom, so I wanted to find a way to encourage my kid to think about the cosmos as an exciting place to explore and discover. He was interested, at the time, in dinosaurs—a lot of kids go through a dinosaur phase, and my son was no different. So, I thought: “What about kids having adventures with dinosaurs in space?

Fun and familiar to anyone who’s been to school (er, that’s most of you, right?), it’s out October 2nd from 1First Comics. Here’s that exclusive preview now.

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