Get Your Fix Of Chunibyou With ‘Chuubyou Outburst Boy’

by Sage Ashford

A new trailer has appeared for the upcoming anime series Middle Schooler Disease Outburst Boy.  Based, strangely enough on a vocaloid song, the series follows high-schooler Mizuki Hijiri, a recent transfer to a new school in the middle of the semester.  At this school, she meets up with a bunch of boys dealing with “chuunibyou”, a syndrome with early teens suffering from delusions of grandeur.  She meets Takishima, an attractive geek who prefers his women to be two-dimensional.  Also Noda, who wants to become an important hero.   Then there’s Nakamura, who believes he’s been reincarnated as an angel…or a devil!   Lastly there’s Tsukumo, who claims he’s good with connections and “pulling strings”.
This new series is directed by Kazuya Ichikawa, who directed Bakugan: Battle Planet and Flying Witch Petit.  The series composition is being done by Midori Gotou, previously responsible for Houzuki’s Coolheadedness and Loups=Garous.   Meanwhile, character designs are in the hands of Arisa Matsura, with Studio DEEN (Kochoki) as the production studio.
A series likely leaning in the direction of being a reverse harem, this series will hopefully play a strong slice of life offering to shake up the upcoming season.  It isn’t for me, but considering this season is another mess of isekai and half-hearted adaptations of games and manga, we need all the variety possible.
Middle School Disease Outburst Boy begins on October 4th.

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