Looking For Answers: Preview Action Comics #1015

by Olly MacNamee

While a lot of recent attention has been focussed on the Superman book and the return of the Legion of Super-Heroes, let’s not forget about the book that started it all, Action Comics. Especially as this week sees Wonder Comics’ break out star, Naomi, meet Superman for the very first time in the DCU and looking for answers. But he’s not the only one she meets in Metropolis, though. From Brian Michael Bendis and Szymon Kudranski, Action Comics #1015 is out this week from DC Comics and we have a sneak peek.

Breakout Wonder Comics hero Naomi makes her Metropolis debut as the teen hero looks to Superman to help her navigate her unexpected new role as a hero in the DC Universe. Hoping to answer the remain questions about her origin, lineage and greater purpose on Earth, Naomi not only gets the attention of the Man of Steel but also Gotham City’s Dark Knight Detective, as Batman takes an interest in her quick rise to prominence.

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