Osric Chau To Play Ryan Choi During The Arrowverse’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths”

by Erik Amaya

After years of teasing, comics’ third Atom, Ryan Choi, will finally make his Arrowverse debut.

TVInsider reports Supernatural veteran Osric Chau will play the character, an Ivy Town University professor who discovers he has a critical part to play in the Multiversal Crisis. The character, created by Gail Simone and Grant Morrison, debuted in DCU: Brave New World #1 in the wake of Ray Palmer’s disappearance following his wife Jean’s descent into madness. Taking Ray’s place at Ivy Town University, he soon found himself taking Ray’s place as the Atom as well. He also eventually found himself on a journey across the Multiverse to find Ray.

The character has been teased several times, including last year on The Flash, when Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) handed Barry (Grant Gustin) a Flash ring and costume developed by Ryan. And considering the Arrowverse Ray is leaving DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, is it possible Ryan will take his place?

Feel free to speculate on Ryan’s key role in the Crisis and whether or not it means he gets to stay part of the Arrowverse family. You have plenty of time to ponder as “Crisis” does not begin until December 8th.

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