Ashley Scott Joins Crisis As Birds Of Prey Huntress

by Erik Amaya

Proving that “Crisis on Infinite Earth” will truly celebrate all of DC TV, a member of the Birds of Prey cast will be joining the fray.
TVLine reports Birds of Prey star Ashley Scott will reprise her role as Helena Kyle — aka the Huntress — in the December Arrowverse crossover. The series was The WB’s second attempt at a DC comic book show after Smallville. It was not as successful, surviving only 13 episodes. Loosely based on the Birds of Prey comic, the premise saw Scott’s Helena taking up her parents’ costumed ways with help from Barbara Gordon (Dina Meyer) and a psychic Black Canary (Rachel Skarsten). Their main antagonist was a seemingly reformed Harley Quinn (Mia Sara), but they fought episodic menaces as well.
And because everything is connected in the multiverse, the Arrowverse has its own Huntress — the Helena Bertinelli version played by Jessica De Gouw — and Skarsten will soon be troubling Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) and Gotham City in The CW’s Batwoman. It is unclear if these connections will be noted, but anything is possible.
Although, it should be said, it remains to be seen how involved actors like Scott will be in the crossover event. Between these guests and the regular casts of all six superhero shows, it easy to imagine some characters may only make cameos to fight for their worlds end or see the “Crisis” red skies. Nonetheless, it is still amazing the producers are attempt to honor so many old TV shows. It’s just a shame most of the Adventures of Superman cast are all passed.
“Crisis on Infinite Earths” beings on December 8th.

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