Sony Announces October PlayStation Plus Titles

by Sage Ashford

Thanks to Sony’s State of Play event on the 24th, PlayStation Plus owners got an early look at the games releasing on the PlayStation Plus service in October.   Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Remastered brought to us by Bluepoint and SIE San Diego’s MLB The Show 19 are both coming to PlayStation Plus starting October 1st.
According to The PlayStation Blog, MLB The Show will be featuring new content dropping specifically in August, with Red Sox legend Ted Williams joining the roster.
At the same time, The Last of Us Remastered comes in time to give everyone a chance to experience the world of The Last of Us, where a global pandemic has wrecked society.  The story follows Joel, a man who has to protect himself and Ellie, a young girl, while they try to make it across the U.S.   This comes right on the heels of more information for the upcoming The Last of Us II.  Remastered of course also includes all of the DLC, giving players the complete experience.
Though by this point almost everyone has played The Last of Us, this is still a good month.  It displays how great Sony’s list of studios is that they can give out two major games from this gen and not even scratch the surface of what players can get from their systems.

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