Jughead’s Time Police #4 Asks How Many Jugheads Are Too Many

by James Ferguson

The 1940s Jughead is pulling strings in the future to take over all possible versions of his life. That could destroy the time stream so it’s up to the latest Jughead and one from a dystopian timeline that looks a bit like Cable, to set it right. The problem is that OG Jughead has the resources of the Time Police behind him, using them in unnatural and terrifying ways to get what he wants.

There are quite a few moving parts in Jughead’s Time Police #4. The story is moving a mile a minute as writer Sina Grace fills in the details of how the original Jughead went bad, the future Jughead makes a plan, and January McAndrews sees the truth. Oh, there’s also a werewolf. Remember, Archie Comics has a horror line where Jughead is a werewolf, so why wouldn’t that get brought in here too?
While time travel can be a little confusing at times, Grace pulls us through the convoluted plot threads with ease. Everything is connected and we can see how the events of the first issue are still reverberating in this one. Instead of having all these different ideas flying everywhere, it’s all tied together in a neat little bow…that just might destroy all of time and space.

Each version of Jughead has his own unique style, differentiating himself. Artist Derek Charm does this masterfully. For example, the Jughead from the 1940s has that old school look seen…well…back in the 1940s. He sticks out in the future world, like a relic from the past because that’s exactly what he is. Meanwhile, the dystopian Jughead is a hardened, muscular warrior. I like that even with this new, gruff persona, he still has the crown and the S on his shirt.
This extends to Matt Herms’ colors too. OG Jughead is often shown in the shadows, lit only by the glow of computer monitors as he obsessively plans his next move. This added bit of darkness gives him a sinister look. Conversely, the dystopian timeline is brighter and has a bit of hope there, despite its appearance.

Our Jughead definitely has the most heart and we see how his empathy and friends make him unique among all these other versions. Yes, this can get a little on the nose, but it’s rather fitting with all the doom and gloom that seems to be seeping into the timestream. This is the beginning of an epic cliffhanger ending that’s very much a Crisis of Infinite Jugheads.
The climax to Jughead’s Time Police #4 is fast-paced and exciting. Letterer Jack Morelli keeps the tension high with some well-placed and powerful sound effects. This adds to the frenetic nature of this final epic confrontation.

Every time I think Jughead’s Time Police can’t get any bigger or crazier, the creative team ups the ante. This one is the biggest yet with some awesome twists and turns. We’ve got one chapter left and I’m chomping at the bit to see how this epic adventure through time comes to a close.
Jughead’s Time Police #4 from Archie Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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