Code Vein Gets A Launch Trailer

by Sage Ashford

Bandai-Namco has released a launch trailer for their recently released action RPG.  Coming from the same developers responsible for God Eater, Code Vein is a Dark Souls-inspired game set in a world where humans have turned themselves into vampires to survive after their world was destroyed.  The trailer gives a deeper look into the plot of the world, where the protagonist character is tasked with recovering a set of relics, and stopping the vampire Queen from awakening again.
This game definitely looks like the most anime kind of anime games. It was originally meant to release last year, but was shifted out of that fall and into this one in the hopes, presumably to work on it a bit more and to move it into a year with fewer major games. So far it’s reviewed as a “decent” game, garnering a solid 71 on Metacritic, though that’s a far jump from the 85-90 range which makes people stand up and take notice.  Presumably, this game will most likely only appeal to those looking for another Dark Souls-esque fix, or people who love anime-inspired video games.
Code Vein is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC now.

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