The Art Of Politics – September In The UK: Turning The Political Chaos Up To 11

by Richard Bruton

The Art of Politics… a monthly look at the best political cartooning coming out of the UK, where the political situation is just about as messed up as you could imagine right now. It’s chaotic, it’s shambolic, it’s crazy, and more than ever… it’s wonderful for political cartooning…
Ok then, August ended with not one but two Art of Politics, such is the madness of UK politics right now. And September got off to a flying start as well. Not three days into it and the threat of parliamentary rebellion, general elections, and all sorts of political stupidity were already with us. Little did we know that it was just going to get stranger and stranger…
So… we started September off with the idea that Boris (still incredible to think of him as the Prime Minister) was going to prorogue parliament in advance of the 31 October Brexit date. Basically, preventing any meaningful debate and vote in the Houses of Parliament about the whole thing… naturally, there were plenty of people and politicians not exactly happy with this…

That was on Ben Jennings on Boris, his chief aide Dominic Cummings and Tory rebels, after Boris suggested Conservative rebels are messing up the country’s chance of getting a new deal with the European Union – even though a lot of folks think Boris is playing it all out to get a no-deal anyway.
Martin Rowson had the same sort of comment against Britain’s struggle against dictatorship through Boris and Dom…

While Steve Bell focused on the sight of various rebel MPs attacking our glorious PM…

David Simonds – Kill Bill…

Morten Morland

Things ramped up a notch when the opposition and rebel Tory MPs pushed through a parliamentary vote to allow them to take over the House of Commons, meaning they could, in theory, put forward a new bill to delay the date for Brexit to 31 January unless a new deal is approved or MPs vote for no-deal.
Boris being Boris, faced with not being able to do whatever the hell he wanted, whether it’s whatever deal he might get or push on for a no-deal, threw all the toys out of the pram and told parliament that this meant he’d have no choice but to call an early general election.
And this from Christian Adams… he really has…

And that general election’s date? That would be 15 October, just 16 days before the proposed Brexit date. Because what the hell, why not completely throw the country into chaos a couple of weeks before the most important political moment for the UK in the last five decades?

Paul Thomas

However, each time the vote came up to call a general election, it got rejected. Meaning Boris was in some kind of political limbo.
Meanwhile… whilst all the chaos was going on, with expulsions from the party, removal of the whip, accusations of screwing with the country from all sides, and general doom and gloom, we had the sight of Jacob Rees-Mogg (the Walter the Softy impersonating twit that he is) lounging on the House of Commons benches, a sight that seemed to sum up the entire attitude of this goverment towards the people whose lives they’re messing with.
Or to put it another way, they’re up a particular creek making use of whatever they can as a paddle… just as David Rowe.

So, Labour (the UK’s opposition party) keep turning down the chance to have an election, meaning Boris got all het up about things once more, spouting rubbish like this…

Nicola Jennings

Ben Jennings

So, while the chaos continues, Boris and his top negotiating team head off to Europe to negotiate what we keep getting told will be a superb deal for Britain as we exit the EU on 31 October… Boris tells us that ‘A huge amount of progress‘ is being made, while those on the other side of the table wonder exactly which meeting he was at, because the meeting they were at had Boris floundering and the EU warning him that time is running out. Cue typical Prime Ministerial blow up… as depicted by Ben Jennings

And then prorogation happened, where parliament shut down for five-weeks, absolutely nothing to do with Brexit according to those in power.
Until it wasn’t, as the UK Supreme Court ruled the prorogation unlawful and that Boris had lied to the Queen in doing so. Oh dear. So back come all the MPs to parliament to argue about things even more. And more. And more. And more.

Andy Davey

Peter Brookes

Dave Brown

So, we end the month with parliament in chaos, the government with no clue, the opposition in pieces and rudderless, and Brexit still bearing down on us in a month’s time. Oh the joy.
And the Prime Minister just can’t seem to get it into his blond head that it is not okay, it is not alright, and putting on the sort of Etonian pompous performance he and his fellow leaders put on in parliament is simply wrong. But no, instead he addresses parliament talking about ‘Surrender’ and ‘Treachery’ and ‘Betrayal’ and when an opposition MP talks of the problem of such inflammatory language putting MP’s lives under threat (and it does, as the case of Jo Cox shows), he responds by telling her it’s ‘Humbug’…

Chris Riddell

And that’s not even considering the fact that good old David Cameron (he who started all this by calling the Brexit referendum when he was Prime Minister) has a new tell-all book out… good old Dave, gouging out a pound where he can as usual…

Martin Rowson

Yes, it’s been a bit busy here in the UK this month. Next month? Oh, I’d imagine it’s just going to be more of the same.
Of course, elsewhere in the world things have been going on as well but with so much happening here, there’s only really a little time right here at the bottom to talk about a potential Presidential impeachment and one young woman taking on the world and making us all think more about climate change…

David Rowe


Martin Rowson

Jim Morin

Dave Rowe

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