Tom Holland Helped Bring Spider-Man Back To The MCU

by Erik Amaya

Tom Holland may be a real-life superhero … well, at least for big media properties.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Spider-Man star was key to bringing Disney CEO Bob Iger and Sony Pictures chairman Tom Rothman back to the negotiation table after talks over a third Spider-Man film set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe broke down during the summer. The article also offers a clearer timeline of events.
Holland is said to have entered the fray after the D23 Expo in August. Just a few days prior, word broke about the impasse between Sony and Disney over the third film, with sources telling THR at the time that any hope of resolving the issue was “100 percent dead.” The actor made repeated appeals to both Iger and Rothman to negotiate. At issue: Disney’s attempt to become a 50-50 co-producer on the proposed film; entitling them to 50% of the profit. According to the new timeline, this 50-50 split was amended to a 25% stake in January (still up from Disney’s 5% for the previous Spider-Man films). Sony made no counter offer, leaving Disney to walk away in June — just as Spider-Man: Far From Home was nearing release.
As THR notes, Holland is set to play a young Nathan Drake in Sony’s upcoming Uncharted adaptation and used his clout to make some sort of an accord possible. The end result: Disney got its 25% and Spider-Man will appear in a third Spider-Man film under the creative director of Marvel Studios and at least one additional MCU film. Many are presuming that additional appearance will wrap-up Peter’s MCU days as he heads off to fight Venom (Tom Hardy) and the other foes of Spider-Man currently becoming stars in Sony’s Spider-Verse. But at the same time, the mood is strangely hopeful, with some suggesting a wider door between the MCU and the Spider-Verse may have opened. And it seems it will all be thanks to Holland should it work out for all involved.
Which is heroic in its own, media world way.

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