Thought Bubble 2019: Full Schedule Of All Festival Events

by Olly MacNamee

It may be the week of New York Comic Con, but over the mind, here in the Disunited Kingdom we are already looking towards the last big hurrah of the year at this year’s Thought Bubble in its new home of Harrogate. Well, with still a month to go they’ve now released their full schedule of the week’s festival (Nov. 4th – 10th) and the culminating comic con on the weekend of November 9th and 10th.
During the week beginning November 4th there will be such events as a comic art trail, featuring original comic book art to be found here, there and everywhere around Harrogate, hidden in local shops, cafes and other venues. All courtesy of Harrogate’s very own independent comic shop, Destination Venus. There’s also a Thought Bubble quiz; to be held at Waterstones in Harrogate (£3 a ticket) as well as so much more. Read up on these events here.

But, if like me, you’re only travelling up for the convention, you may want to know what’s happening over the weekend too.
Well, starting Friday night, there’s a special screening of Shaun of the Dead at the Everyman Theatre at 8.30pm along with the usual comic con panels across the weekend and an immersive The Walking Dead experience too.  Again, it’s an impressive list and worth checking out here, so you can plan ahead and book any tickets you might need to bag in advance, to avoid disappointment.
From superstar writer Donny Cates to Hip Hop comic book covers (both of which I’m looking forward to immensely, with the latter featuring UK rap master and a good friend of mine, Juice Aleem), as well as your chance to get those The Walking Dead #193 issues signed by Charlie Adlard (amongst the many, many outstanding guests going, as always), and The Wicked + The Divine retrospective with Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Matt Wilson and Dee Cunniffe (Saturday 1pm – 1.50pm) there really is something for everyone, as well as the chance to win yourself a writing gig at 2000AD in their always fun panel (Saturday 3pm – 4pm).

Lots to see and lots to do. And, with so much, it really is worth planning your week, or just your weekend. There’s just too much to do and to fit in all you want. That, and the socialising of course.
I’ll leave you with the full lust of creators attending this year;s show so you can start digging through your long boxes now.
Brian Azzarello, Daniel Warren Johnson, Jhonen Vasquez, Jillian Tamaki, Pauline, Choo, Donny Cates, Gemma Correll, Terry Dodson, Luke Pearson, Aaron Campbell, Abz J Harding, Adam Gorham, Al Ewing, Alan Martin, Alison Sampson, Andy Diggle, Antony Johnston, Bengal, Brenden Fletcher, Brian Schirmer, Bucky Ringsell, Cameron Stewart, Charlie Adlard, Charlotte Mullin, Chris Wildgoose, Christian Ward, Dan Watters, Dave Gibbons, Dave Johnson, David Barnett, David Messina, Declan Shalvey, Dee Cunniffe, D’Israeli, Emma Vieceli, Esad Ribić, Etherington Brothers, Frazer Irving, Gary Erskine, Gerry Duggan, Glyn Dillon, Ian Edginton, Ian Kennedy, Jack Lawrence, James D’Amato, Jamie McKelvie, Janet K Lee, Jenn St-Onge, Jeremy Haun, Jock, John Allison, John Lees, John McCrea, John Reppion, John Wagner, Kenneth Larsen, Kev Walker, Khary Randolph, Kieron Gillen, Kim-Joy, Kristyna Baczynski, Kyle T. Webster, Leah Moore, Lee Garbett, Lisa Sterle, Mahmud Asrar, Marc Deering, Marc Ellerby, Margaux Saltel, Mariko Tamaki*, Maritsa Patrinos, Martin Simmonds, Matt Ferguson, Matt Wilson, Megan Hutchison, Megan Nicole Dong, Mick McMahon, Mike Henderson, Mildred Louis, Monty Nero, Nick Brokenshire, Nick Roche, Olivier Coipel, Ollie Masters, Paul Duffield, Peter Doherty, Ram V, Rian Gonzales, Richard Starkings, Rob Davis, Robbie Thompson, Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, Sarah Graley, Sean Phillips, Simon Spurrier, Spike Trotman, Steve Yeowell, Sweeney Boo, Tom Fowler, Warwick Johnson-Cadwell.
Phew! That’s some list. Meaning, I’m bringing more comics than I’d planned for. Still, it’s all part of the fun!
See you there, or propping the bar.

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