NYCC 2019: Conquer All Of Battleworld In Realm Of Champions

by Gary Catig

Kabam, the creators of the popular mobile game, Marvel Contest of Champions, revealed their latest project at this year’s New York Comic Con. Once again, they will be partnering with the famed comic publisher to release Marvel Realm of Champions.
The title is a real time mobile RPG that transports its players to the infamous Battleworld, a forbidden planet behind a Space-Time Barrier. There they must align with one of the major houses and explore Marvel-themed environments to lead their faction to victory.
The uneasy peace of the domain is disrupted when the God-King, Maestro, dies. Now the various houses including House of Iron (Iron Man), Spider-Guild (Spider-Man), Patriot Garrison (Captain America), Pyramid X (X-Men) and others try to fill the leadership void.
Players select a champion for their group and fight to gather resources. Each champion has a customizable appearance and gear. Team up with friends for real-time action arena combat and compete for complete dominance of Battleworld.
There are a variety of Marvel-inspired locales such as high-tech cities built with Stark Technologies, fantasy inspired Asguardian battlefields and more. Strategy plays a key role as players need to use the best character abilities for better teamwork and maximum effect. There are both Player-Versus-Environment and Player-Versus-Player modes.
Bill Roseman, Marvel Games VP of Creative, says:

With MARVEL Contest of Champions celebrating its fifth huge year, it’s thrilling to see Kabam expand their ongoing story and invite players to become their own Marvel Super Hero to vie for the fate of Battleworld. From the gleaming skyscrapers of the House of Iron to the webbed alleyways of the Spider-Guild, both dedicated players and casual fans alike have an entire planet waiting for them to explore and conquer. Whose House will you choose?

More will be learned at the Marvel Games panel at NYCC and stay tuned here for more about both mobile games since we spoke with developers at Kabam.

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