NYCC 2019: Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Teaser Takes Michael And The Crew To The Future

by Erik Amaya

Time travel and Star Trek go hand-in-hand. But the third season of Star Trek: Discovery will take the crew of its title ship further than any Trek show has gone before: 930 years. And as this teaser released during New York Comic Con indicates, it is a future where the Federation is either a dream or a ghost. Species like Andorians, Trills, and even humans still exist, even if it seems no central government replaced the Earth-minded Federation. Or, alternatively, it is a place where old enemies took control of the territory and restored it to a pre-Earther state. Either way, it is a future both Micheal Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and the rest of the Discovery crew are ill-prepared for.
Then again, if Saru’s (Doug Jones) speech is anything to go by, these time-lost Starfleet officers will rebuild the Federation if they can.

And, really, that’s the premise we’ve been waiting for since Star Trek: Voyager. Can the ideals of Starfleet and the Federation survive in a universe without the support and abundances those established organizations provide? And if this is the premise Discovery is embracing, it asks a large question: can humans really embrace the ideals of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry? Even he had a hard time with them. Hopefully, the journey to find these answers will be thrilling.
Star Trek: Discovery returns in 2020 to CBS All Access.

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