NYCC 2019: Taking A Tour With Harley Quinn

by James Ferguson

DC Entertainment set up a pop-up gallery celebrating all things Harley Quinn just a few blocks away from New York Comic Con. I passed it twice before finally getting a chance to get inside and check it out. After walking up the steps to the fourth floor, I was greeted with an audio recording from Harley herself, welcoming the “New York Comic Convicts” to the gallery.

There was a make up section immediately to the right where a young woman was getting her hair done in the same manner as Harley. I saw a man nearby who had just done the same thing to his beard. Half was colored red and the other purple.

Along the walls were all sorts of awesome Harley Quinn artwork. This ranged from original pieces from notable artists to animation cels and character designs from the upcoming animated series on DC Universe. I was happy to see a good amount of Amanda Connor’s artwork, which inspired the look and feel of the cartoon.

There were also props from Suicide Squad and the upcoming Birds of Prey movie on display including roller skates and a crossbow. It’s amazing to see the history of Harley Quinn, going from cartoons to comics to live action and back to cartoons all in one spot.

The gallery tour ended with a green screen experience, where animated Harley would swing a bat behind you, splattering paint everywhere. I walked out with a cool art print featuring the characters from the cartoon. Because I’m a DC Universe subscriber, I also got a cool Harley enamel pin.

All in all, this was a fun little pop-up experience that celebrated Harley Quinn who has become one of the biggest characters in the DC Universe across multiple mediums. She was one of the most popular cosplays at New York Comic Con too. The future is bright for Ms. Quinzel.

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